About Us

Alvin A. Snaper, P.E., Chairman/Chief Scientist is supported by a team of diamond industry professionals and engineers/designers. With over 70 years in combined experience in gemology and 600 patents, the senior management team will enable the Company to leverage its patented production method, establish key strategic partnerships and achieve financial targets.

The product and service objective of Centaurus Technologies is to provide industrial market consumers with affordable alternatives to natural diamonds. The Company will produce high-quality “cultured” diamonds, crystallized through a proprietary manufacturing process, and that are indistinguishable from their natural counterparts using standard gemological equipment.

Centaurus’s founder, Al Snaper, has patented a totally new methodology that has potential capability of volume production of industrial diamonds at a level substantially faster than current technologies. The issue facing the Company initially is to develop the process to a prototype level and then to a full commercial stage. Management believes that, since the process has been proven, the development stage should take from 6-12 months.

It will be a process in not only executing the patent, but then determining how best to apply it in production technologies for various products.

The current market for industrial diamonds in the U.S. is conservatively estimated at $1.5 billion (10% of total diamond wholesale revenues), while current supply is limited due to the lack of producers and limitations inherent in their production technologies. Market studies conducted by competitors over the past nine years indicate that the emerging market for “cultured/synthetic” diamonds demonstrates increasing demand and considerable upside based on product quality and affordability for consumers. Furthermore, the introduction of acceptable quality “cultured” diamonds into foreign markets is anticipated to drive demand and growth in those markets.

Once the Company’s production processes have been finalized, and if product is deemed to be consistent of gem quality, the Company will utilize wholesalers’ distribution networks to market to diamond industries.. Through delivering a branded and high-quality product, the Company will establish a competitive advantage and gain market share within the “cultured” diamond market.